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Friday, December 27, 2013

A new year is coming

A new year is coming and we all have made some sort of resolution for the new year.  I have made a few and one of them is to blog more.  It's going to be more of a personal journal and a way to vent or express my ideas and thoughts. The one thing I have been hearing around our gym is here come the newbies. A guy I talk to said give it a month and they will all fall off.  I started thinking to myself how selfish does it sound to hope someone fails.  Instead of hoping they fail how about saying hello or offering an encouraging word.  We all started somewhere and I know how uncomfortable I felt about going to the gym when I started. I felt embarrassed and out of place.  We should be happy that these people have chosen to better themselves by tying to improve themselves.
   I was at a crossroads when I attended the San Jose fit expo in 2012.  There were some people who would actually hand stuff to people around me instead of handing things to me. One hand shake and some encouraging words from Bill Sienerth went a long way.  I was at a crossroads in my journey where I was about to be happy with how far I had come.  (345 lbs then). His encouraging words lead me to signing up to be trained by Bill.  That handshake and encouragement changed my life. I am now down to 230 and loving my new life. Don't be scared to be kind to someone now you never know how it will effect your life or there's.
Here are some item on my to do list 2014

Complete a 5 k run.
Complete a spartan run
Complete a sprint triathlon 
Run a 10 minute mile or less

Set your goals high and dream big.  The only one stopping you is you!!!!!