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Monday, February 16, 2015

Who is ready to ProtienUp & Carb Down!!!

So Check It!!  Last week I was invited to meet up with some of Flatout Flatbread team as they introduced their new line of flatbread.  They are launched their new line of flatbread at TheFitExpo in Los Angeles. Their latest invention is called ProtienUp Flatbread. My wife and I had the pleasure of joining them as well as other FitFluential Ambassadors for breakfast.  We were able to sample all three of the flavors they have to offer.  It was great to see how interested the Flatout bread team was on our feedback of this new product.  We sat around and tried samples and brainstormed ideas with their team and other ambassadors.

FitFluential Ambassadors after Flatout Bread breakfast

Enough about that, now you’re asking “great you met them now how about the goods?” 

Let me tell you… I limit myself little to no “bread” in general as the Carbs aren’t worth the extra time at the gym! But with this new “Flat Out ProteinUP Carb Down” flatbread never tasted so good.  One of the things I like the most about this new product is they get their protein from Navy beans and Chickpeas not protein isolates so they taste great!  The kicker is you get  12g Protein yes I said 12g  grams of protein and only 8 to 10 g of net  carbs you can’t beat that if you tried!

Flatout Bread is offering the ProtienUp bread in 3 great flavors.

Core 12 based on Flatout’s original wrap recipe, made with chickpeas

Red Pepper Hummus powered by chickpeas

Sea salt and crushed black pepper brought to you by navy beans,

Our personal favorite is the Red Pepper Hummus which is “powered by chickpeas”
One of the things I learned since being introduced to ProtienUp Bread is how good beans are for us.  Here are just a few of the benefits we get from beans.  They are full of fiber and protein, low in fat and sodium. They are also as great source of minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium.  They are packed full of vitamins like Choline, Folate, Niacin to name just a few. So enough with the science lesson.

My wife and I went on this road trip to Los Angeles this past weekend and my wife made rollups with the flatbread for quick healthy snacks for the road and in the hotel room and also throughout the day at TheFitExpo.  We made them with cream cheese, lunch meat, romaine lettuce, and peppers.  They were SO good and good for us which helped curb the go to unhealthy snacking and it made our “Stomach Real Estate” happy.

Road trip snacks for out trip to LA

Our biggest critics being our kids even enjoyed ProtienUp bread. They made a tasty desert made up of whip cream, fresh blackberries and bananas and rolled it up for great tasting desert.

The kids making their fruit rollup

I absolutely love the ProtienUp Breads! I know I will be standing in line when they hit the stores in the next month or so. I am looking forward to enjoying them on my carb days without having to worry so much about my carb intake.

My new friends over at Flatout Bread wanted me to share this printable coupon with you, so you too can try out some of their other great products as well as ProtienUp Bread when it is released. Click on the link to print up your coupon.

Take a look at their website for wonderful blogger ideas on different recipes you can make with all of their great flatbreads.

Make sure to post your awesome recipes with Flatout bread on social media using #flatoutlove,

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